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06/19Sound Devices Wingman APP支援Android 了!


Sound Devices Wingman App software - (v3.00) provides an update for the Wingman application, which is a wireless remote control and monitoring interface for the 6-Series line of field production mixer/recorders and MixPre Series of audio recorders/USB audio interfaces. The update includes support for Wingman on Android-based mobile devices as well as a few performance enhancements related to Wingman on iOS-based devices.

NOTE: If using Wingman with a 6-Series mixer, updating Wingman to v3.00 requires 6-Series mixer/recorder's firmware v4.51 or later. For more information, select your model of mixer: 688 | 664 | 633
WM-Connect is also required for 6-Series integration. If using Wingman with a MixPre recorder, ensure the MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 is also running the latest MixPre Series firmware available.

It is highly recommended that users update to the latest version of software available as soon as possible.

Download the available  Wingman User Guide. It's been updated with all relevant features and functionality changes provided in the latest released versions of firmware/software. From the title page, just select 6-Series or MixPre Series for more details.