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Dalet Galaxy



Media Asset Management & Orchestration Platform

Media Asset Management & Orchestration Platform

Dalet Galaxy is a Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform which unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. Specially tailored for media workflows, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals increase their productivity while providing operational and business visibility.
A central, unified multimedia content catalog manages rich media assets across the organization enabling seamless collaboration. Workflow specific, task-oriented tools have native access to this central catalogue, facilitating every aspect of content creation, management and distribution: tools to design, manage and share media and metadata; tools to orchestrate the workflow, automate processes and human tasks; integration tools to unify disparate components into a cohesive system; business intelligence enables customizable reports for full visibility over the performance of your operations and systems.



Dalet Galaxy is the common and unique platform to address all Dalet workflow solutions for News, Sports, Program Preparation, Radio, long-form Production and Archives. Highly flexible, scalable and reliable, it incorporates:

Collaborative User Tools

Highly-customizable, intuitive and collaborative set of user tools designed to support specific media operations at every step of the workflow.


  • Configurable workspaces to address unique workflow requirements
  • 4 client applications: Dalet Galaxy Desktop, Dalet WebSpace, Dalet On-the-Go mobile app and Dalet Xtend for third-party client applications such as craft editors
  • Notifications, ticker and chat keep users connected & always up-to-date Key modules
  • Central ingest management tools control content import and/or encoding
  • Dalet MediaLogger for time-coded logs
  • Dalet ClipBin for shared shot selections, storyboards & EDLs
  • Dalet OneCut full desktop multimedia editor
  • Full NRCS suite of tools to plan stories, view wires, harvest twitter feeds, write stories and build rundowns
  • Scheduling & program board
  • Play out radio or television content using Dalet OnAir, Dalet Carts and Dalet Continuity playout
  • Tasks lists
  • Dalet Track Stack & Version Editor enable to build collections of tracks and decision points to assemble media packages • Social Media Pane for 1-click social publishing and federated view of posted content


Media Asset Management 

A unique database and central content catalog references all multimedia content acquired or produced across workflows.


  • Manages complex media objects as well as relational assets
  • Flexible & configurable metadata model
  • Glossaries & thesaurus
  • Powerful search engine with faceted search capabilities



Industry-standard, BPMN 2.0 compliant Dalet Workflow Engine connects entities and orchestrates media workflows across the enterprise, providing greater visibility and efficiency. Webbased intuitive graphical interface to design and model business processes including user tasks, service tasks, decision gateways, timeout and error management. Workflows can be driven by any metadata in the platform.


Business Intelligence

Tapping into the deep, multi-layered data model of Dalet Galaxy, the Dalet Report Center allows users to analyze vast amounts of user and system activity, from one or several Dalet sites. Data is consistently extracted and made available for consolidation into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and configurable reports.


Micro-Services Architecture

  • Flexible and modular framework
  • Functions of the platform are built as unitary services
  • Standard protocols and mechanisms for data synchronization, data exchange and external device control
  • Services can be distributed over several hosts in a server farm and can be clustered to provide high availability with no single point of failure
  • Highly scalable, by simply adding more server CPUs, scale from dozens to thousands of concurrent users and processes


Framework for integration

Large set of out-of-the-box connectors to media and metadata services offered by partner technologies.

  • Framework for ad-hoc integration
  • Fully documented SOAP and REST Web Services APIs
  • Supports all standard data exchange protocols


Administration & Security

The Dalet Galaxy System Administration module lets administrators build metadata models and granularly define user rights, client views and system policies.


From Dalet Galaxy to Dalet End-to-End Solutions

By incorporating fully integrated and easy-to-use tools into this robust Media Asset Management platform, Dalet delivers end-to-end and tailored solutions for:



Product Highlights

Key features Key benefits
  • A wide range of easy-to-use user tools to perform daily operations
  • BPM workflow engine to rule workflows and improve business visibility
  • Centralized content catalogue with powerful indexing and search tools
  • Contextual “To do” lists to prioritize tasks
  • Media services to add speed and flexibility
  • Automated back-office tasks such as transcoding, data exchange, QC and more
  • Designer tool to graphically model workflows, identify bottlenecks and streamline production
  • Real-time data for business reporting
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Multisite capabilities
  • A unique technology platform to drive production and distribution in a truly unified environment
  • Open solution integrating with more than 100 IT & broadcast partners
  • Centralized administration and system management
  • Designed for media convergence
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency through tasks lists and automated processes
  • Improved agility to react to industry and competitive shifts
  • Scalable, secured and reliable infrastructure
  • Can be virtualized and take advantage of some cloud infrastructure
  • Built for fast turnaround workflows